Download Better Life - Live Planted Ep 95

The mental health episode with Casey Hill has already proven to be a fan favorite episode, with many of you writing in to say how inspiring it was or how the words found you at exactly the right moment. (So happy, because I LOVE this episode too!) So I created these downloads with quotes from the episode for you to carry the positive reminders around daily.

Use these downloads as you phone background, set them as a desktop wallpaper on your computer, or print them out and hang them in your space for a subtle reminder that feelings matter. You can even use them on your Facebook to send out the self care reminders to your friends.

If you use the downloads be sure to send over a screen shot or tag Live Planted, I’d love to see how you guys use the messages!

Download You Are Not Your Thoughts- Live Planted Ep 95

Download Feel Your Feelings- Black Letters
Download Feel Your Feelings- White Letters

Download Release Yourself From Judgment - Live Planted Ep 95

Did you listen to episode 95 about mental health yet? Listen here.

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