We’re having a BABY! A vegan baby that is and this pregnancy is the ‘big project’ I’ve been teasing. I’m beyond excited to share where I’ve been these past few weeks, how I faired the 1st trimester, our family’s feelings about birthing and raising vegan babies, and so much more. Answering your questions about cloth diapering, vegan prenatals, and criticism.

Mentioned on the Show:
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Garden of Life Vegan Prenatal
Source Naturals B12
Garden of Life D3 Vitamin

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4 thoughts on “#172 I’m having a BABY!”

  1. Hi Alyssa,
    Congratulations! I’m listening to the pod and you mentioned you haven’t felt like working out. You might want to give Prenatal Yoga a try. I’m a yoga teacher, as well as a mother and grandmother. Lots of my students haven’t felt able to keep up their regular exercise but have found the gentler moving and breathing has helped them with some of their pregnancy discomforts and prepared them for the labor and delivery journey. Just thought I’d recommend giving it a try…Again congrats!
    PS So glad you’re back on the podcast, you’re my favorite, having convinced this 33 year vegetarian to go vegan this past January!

  2. Love your using cloth diapers! I used them for all three of my kiddos and they were easy to use and so much less money and I didn’t feel like I was constantly contributing to the landfill. An unexpected plus was the fact that they were easy to potty train as having a full diaper is very comfy.

    1. Thanks Cherri, I’m excited about the potty training aspect. I’ve heard that before and it’s such a great bonus to saving money and waste!

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