The current ‘industry’ of self love is starting to raise questions of, ‘is self love narcissistic?’ Today’s guest Macy Eleni is a self love advocate spreading the message that you should be living life for you. From eating disorder recovery to unlearning everything she thought to be true, including a negative mindset, to become a beacon of positivity. Macy’s sharing why ‘glow ups’ are media created, how to pull yourself out of a negative monologue, and finding sadness, anxiety, etc. natural and not shameful. Plus, of course, we chat thrifting, Macy’s fav finds and more.

Find Macy on her Instagram doing morning dance parties or on her Youtube sharing thrift finds and important chats like how to stop caring what other’s think.

I find the above video so inspiring and a good message to go back to. Glow ups are not real, you’re already great the way you are.

Mentioned on the Show:

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Ps. Did you know you can listen on both iTunes & Spotify?

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