It turns out there’s a lot of tips on how to start a zero waste lifestyle but what about staying zero waste? I’m sharing 5 easy ways to push past the basics of less waste so you can keep growing and making a difference in the plastic crisis. Of course, it will have a practical spin so you can work towards adopting new habits that add value to your life and not feel like a constant sacrifice. Plus, I’m sharing how I battle criticism, idealists, and purest as a practical vegan and zero waster, keeping in mind the differences in budget, culture, and access within the community.

Mentioned on the Show:

My fav bamboo silverware set to take on the go & make less waste. Use ‘liveplanted20’ for 20% your order on Dot & Army.

Who Gives A Crap TP- Get $10 off your first order
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Vinegar Spray Recipe
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Hummus Recipe
Stasher Bags- Reusable Ziplocks
DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe
To Go Bamboo Silverware Set (use ‘liveplanted20’ for 20% off)

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