Dara Hayes, aka DJ Tigerlily, went from feeling unwell on a traditional diet to running marathons and touring the world, feeling amazing, after going vegan. Today we’re talking about how Tigerlily went from being one of those ‘but cheese’ people to an animal and vegan advocate, the ocean’s importance for earth’s survival, and listening to our bodies. Dara even shares the change she made backstage to go plastic free at every show. Plus, I’m sharing the process I used to get off coffee and why.

You can find DJ Tigerlily on her main Instagram, on her vegan Instagram, or on her website.

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What's up brew? πŸ’ͺ🏻I'm officially over two weeks off the sauce man. Not THAT kind of sauce, caffeine! β˜•οΈ I used to perk up at the mention of coffee, I thought we were in a brewtiful relationship full of love and compassion towards each other. 😻While I was over here with a latte love, coffee was like, what does ccino-we're bad for each other. 🍡 So we broke up and I moved on to matcha, my heart once again filled with beanormous love. Not to get sedimental, but we had some great times together carpooling to work, hanging on Saturday mornings… But beanough is enough, I had to come to reality and attribrewt all the bad behaviors in our relationship; lack of sleep, skin issues, grumpiness, lack of afternoon energy, and increased heart rate to my relationship with caffeine. It's not me, it's you. 😐 At first, I didn't like being alone, I felt like my mornings were boring without my partner. πŸ’­ I kept having deja brew of myself meeting back up with caffeine, maybe we could just be friends? In the end, I had to get over that post-breakup hump and tamper my feelings down. Plus, I've already moved on…I know it's soon but I can't espresso how good turmeric lattes make me feel! β™₯️ It's that new relationship buzz in a good way, without all the caffeine baggage. So that's the tea, I know you guys have been wanting to cup the gossip so I thought I’d lay it all out there and just be honest with my feelings. What's your status? Are you in a frappe relationship with caffeine? . #turmericlatte #matchatea #coffeeaddicts #vegandrink #matchalover #veganeats #yayforearth #coffeebelly #zerowasteirl #lowimpactmovement #consciousliving #packagefree #sustainablelife #zerowastekitchen #zerowastevegan #zerowastefood #vegankitchen #coffeedaily

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