Nearly 120 million people in 177 countries are participating in Plastic Free July, but what is it? Today we’re diving into what you need to know about PFJ and why should you care about this internet challenge. I’ll give you 3 different ways to participate and a big ol‘ note on medical waste I think everyone and their mother needs to hear. Plus, we’ll discuss the sustainable living basics for small space dwellers and how to make July a really rewarding month rather than a sacrifice.

Mentioned on the Show:

LP Totes: Use as a grocery bag or purse
Bamboo Joe Cup: Basically indestructible, always gets compliments
Straw Top Water Bottle: Insulated, straw tops never spill & you drink more
Stainless Lunch Containers: No Spills, 3 sizes
Glass Lunch Containers: For lunches or leftovers you heat up
Stasher Bags: Snackers rejoice, a reusable ziplock
Rags: Forget paper towels
Grocery Bag: Easily washable, super neutral

➜Interested in signing up for Plastic Free July and want to make it official? You can sign up here to get weekly emails with tips etc. to keep you accountable and part of a larger movement. Plastic Free Coalition also has great info.

➜This albatross was found with 12.2 ounces of plastic in his stomach, which starved him before ending his life. The photo of his belly overflowing with trash is pretty damning. (Photos from the Ocean area of the DC Natural History Museum.)

This photo, also from the DC Natural History Museum, is also worth sharing.

➜BBC piece on plastic in Wet Wipes– Did you know these wipes were causing such a huge sanitation issue? BBC also has a really good IGTV on the topic (but you can’t view IGTV on the computer, so head to their insta to see it).

➜The Pacific Garage Patch is hard to really imagine how huge it is. It is currently more than 2x’s the size of Texas, that’s about 1.6 million square kilometers in size — up to 16 times bigger than previous estimates.

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One thought on “#160 About That Plastic… #PlasticFreeJuly Everything You Need to Know”

  1. I am so excited to hear your podcast this week (month?) about the Plastic-free month of July.

    I have been actively reaching out to folks in my home, workplace, and surrounding community to be mindful of the plastic that we generate.

    As a household, we now carry cutlery everywhere we go, reusable bottles of course, but extending to that idea is the fact that we feverishly avoid any bottled water even if it means walking 5 min extra to go to a restaurant that offers it in mason jars from a tap. Proud of my husband for his devotion to my cause.

    More recently I moved to period underwear to match my 4 year dive into Menstrual cups and Bamboo cloth liners to have a plastic free period.

    The trunk of my car always has reusable bags, and reusable to go boxes so we can whip them out at restaurants instead of taking plastic boxes to go. My 5 year old daughter is the first one to say water please, no straw. So proud of her.

    The one thing I am unable to help is the amount of plastic in the kitchen — every single thing is encased in plastic, infuriatingly so – corn ears dehusked and packaged into styrofoam, avocados and mandarins in plastic netted bags, bananas wrapped whole in plastic film. The efforts to reach out to individual stores and farms are fragmented, and quite useless, because every single aisle in every single store has plastic. The governments keep jumping for the low fruit – the straws, the plastic bags, the stirrers… but the millions of plastic films stay around, crowding the oceans and our waterways…

    Despite doing the above things, my plastic use hasn’t gone down a whole lot because my favorite snacks, my bags of lentils, cheeses, yoghurt, cereals etc come encased in plastic, and bulk foods dont have much choice in way of that… the only way has been to write to stores, or to stop buying them, which I have done also, but my family wont sign on to that cos they love their snacks too much. Wish I knew where to start!!

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