Remember when people used to say, ‘oh she’s the type who recycles!’, like it was the most crunchy granola thing. Now, recycling is mainstream but does it make a difference in the enormous amount of trash we create? Recently China banned importing foreign garbage and it’s put a huge kink in global recycling. Today we’ll talk about why recycling isn’t as it seems and 5 ways you can make a dent in reducing and reusing before relying on recycling.

Mentioned on the Show:

➜After getting questions on why there are eggs and yogurt on my Pinterest food board I thought I’d be honest….I’m a plant eater only for life but I don’t like to limit myself to only gf vegan recipes. I can add a flax egg, coconut yogurt, or soy milk to any vegetarian recipe without having to miss out on some really great dishes.

➜My favorite book of all time on sustainability is Ashlee Piper’s Give a Sh*t. It’s practical, actionable, and even funny. Ashlee was on the pod previously and she’s absolutely fantastic.

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