After sharing lots of cooking adventures over on Instagram stories recently (oat milk yogurt anyone?) I’ve gotten loads of questions about how to start a cooking at home habit. Cooking can help you control your waste, ingredients and calories, AND it can save you boat loads of money. So YES, I’ll share my tips for cooking at home more often, my top 5 fav favorite kitchen tools, and of course some practical advice on using your time wisely without spending a whole Sunday cooking.

These tools make being in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable because, as they say, having the right tools for the job is half the battle. Honorable mention goes to the much used tofu press, because I love that baby and would have never thought before getting it as a gift it was as time saving and useful as it is for making your tofu magnificent.

Mentioned on the Show:

What does Healthy really mean? A whole podcast dedicated to breaking down the word healthy in a practical and logical way.

Pinterest: Whenever I’m looking for recipe inspiration I use Pinterest. The algorithm learns what you’re looking for, i.e. vegan, and shows you more of what you want to see, helping you discover new recipes. Looking for a few of my fav recipes? I shared them over here in a seperate blog post.

Kitchen Sync App: This app helps my husband avoid miscommunications around grocery shopping. Not sponsored, we just love the instant syncing from the cloud so we can both add items in real time.

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