Jenny Welbourn of Wear I Live is someone I’ve been wanting to share with the podcast for a while. She’s carved out a unique little section of the internet for herself where she’s able to show growth, challenges, and struggles in her life including mental health, veganism, and zero waste. In today’s episode we talk veganism in real life vs. veganism online (there’s totally a difference), sustainable fashion & thrifting. Plus, I applaud Jenny for her openness with her lowest mental health point and what helped her resurface again.

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?How we choose to label our selves came up again in today’s episode. It was talked about a more in-depth in episode #149 with Andrea of Be Zero Waste Girl where we discussed what sometimes makes us want to pull away from the word vegan. Would you like a full episode on the very personal aspect of labeling yourself? Let me know.

?During the ep Jenny shares that this coat is her best secondhand score of all time, making her consider having offspring just so she can pass it on to someone. It really is fantastic.

?We mentioned the app Depop as a great place to buy or sell secondhand clothes, it’s where Jenny found the above coat! You can find my Depop here, and Jenny’s here. We both sell clothing occasionally.

?We discuss Jenny’s ‘about my anxiety and depression’ video. I highly suggest you watch it and make sure to read the comments, they are kind and consoling. Many in the comments are relaying their own stories and talking amongst each other, which is really what the internet should be about. If you are struggling, please take some time to try and find a treatment that works for you. Some people need meds, others need to talk to someone (whether that’s a friend or a trained professional). Some simply use exercise or a similar hobby, others use marijuana and marijuana-based products from online sellers like togoweed. There is something out there for everyone if you just take the time to find it. This video is a great place to start.

?The good ol’ ‘Power of Now‘ book. It’s been around since 1997, sold over 2 million copies and translated into 30 languages. Jenny says it helps her get out of a funk and any millions of people agree it’s a great book.

Did you know you can listen on both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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