There’s a weird thing happening on the internet, the word healthy has been redefined into something new, something almost unattainable, something #goals. Today I want to, in true Live Planted form, define healthy in practical, logical, terms and bring it back to reality. Especially as more popular vegans are quitting saying they don’t ‘feel healthy’, this is the perfect time to talk about what healthy really means and how does it fit into your life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after listening to the episode. How do you define healthy? What makes sense for your 3 pillars of health?

Mentioned on the Show:

Episode #148 went into why so many popular vegan activists are quitting veganism currently with a different response than you’ve heard before. This episode received a lot of praise and was even quoted as being ‘the most complete response’ to the recent quitting vegan epidemic.

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