There’s been a rise of popular activists and YouTubers quitting veganism recently and I wanted to weigh in with a different opinion than you’ve heard before. Coming from a place of practicality and kindness we’ll discuss what these YouTubers have in common and why these advocates who have proclaimed the benefits of being vegan can’t continue. We’ll also discuss the science behind cravings and what stress has to do with acne, digestion, and sleeping. Rounding out the whole episode are my top two tips on how to stay vegan for the long term without sacrifice.

Mentioned on the Show:

High Carb Hannah was on episode #30 and check out that thumbnail photo! Talk about old school! My how far we’ve come (and how far we still have to go, lol)

Cleanses & Detoxes- Necessary or Not? This is one of my all time favorite episodes to put together because it combines something I’m passionate about, veganism, and mixes it with something I have a degree in, marketing, and I’m exposing what’s going on with the current ‘need’ to cleanse.

Happy Healthy Vegan: Ryan of HHV does a great job breaking down Raw Alignment’s recent ‘coming out’ video as no longer vegan. Ryan and Anji always make well thought out, thought provoking responses to whatever is happening in the vegan community.

Speciesism: The Movie: I couldn’t recommend this documentary more. If you’re looking for answers or a reason to stay vegan (and can’t handle the gruesome nature of Earthlings) this is your documentary. The producer and director Mark Devries was on the pod many moons ago.

The Veganuary episode goes over the 3 pillars of veganism, the animals, health, and the earth, which are essential in staying vegan for the long term.

Three Reasons Why Veganism is a Feminist Issue is another fantastic episode to listen to if you’re looking for another reason why veganism might resonate with you or if you’re just looking to feel a little girl power.

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