The argument for green cleaning is not new, but today we’re going to look at the common greenwashing and marketing tricks that go on to sabotage our well intentioned purchases. We’ll talk about why cleaning with non-toxic, natural products are SO dang important as an act of environmentalism, self care, and preserving our home environment. Plus, what cleaning supplies have to with hormones, infertility and sperm count.

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Depop: The Live Planted Depop shop, selling vintage and secondhand clothes, has just been restocked with a bunch of great Levis mom jeans, vintage purses and more. I package everything in zero waste packaging and send a Live Planted sticker along with each order.

Method: The Classics of Greenwashing: This article perfectly describes the experience of shopping for a green, natural, and non-toxic product and getting completely duped. I love how the author describes the years-long experience of buying a conventional and toxic product that’s been marketed to look ‘green.

➜Looking for DIY cleaning supply recipes? I’ve got you covered. Currently I use the two recipes below for an all-purpose vinegar cleaner and my DIY laundry detergent to clean my whole house. The vinegar spray cleans kitchens, bathrooms, floors, mirrors, everything. If you need heavy duty scrubbing or drain unclogging add baking soda and elbow erase.

-1. Less Waste Kitchen Cleaning: This post lays out everything I use in my kitchen including DIY’s and my all-purpose vinegar cleaner recipe.

-2. DIY Laundry Soap: This is a tweak on my grandma’s recipe. I’ve been using and loving it for many years. (Currently, I make it without the optional Fels Naptha and add a splash of vinegar to every load to take out odors and whiten whites.)

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