You asked for more thrifting content so I’m delivering. Today I’ll take you through my entire thrift routine from before the store inspiration all the way through sanitization. We’ll talk budgeting and spending wisely to not accumulate clutter, what I avoid buying second hand, and how to find things that fit. Plus, answering a few of your secondhand questions like, what to do if you want to buy secondhand and dislike thrifting.

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Here’s a little sample from my pinterest of things I’m hunting for this spring. Beaded bags are at the top of my list.

➜Inspiration is an important part of not getting overwhelmed inside the thrift store. I use pinterest and a note on my phone to gather ideas of what I’m looking for before I shop. If you’re inspired and know what you’re looking for you’ll have much better luck finding what you want in the store.

➜Here’s the recipe for my vinegar spray. I use it on everything, countertops, to clean the bathroom, and to sanitize my thrift store shoes.

➜Online Thrifting: Depop, Poshmark, Etsy, and Ebay are all good options if you’re looking to source something you can’t find in stores or you just want someone else to do the picking for you.

Thrift With Me: Here are a few different thrift trips I’ve taken you on over on Instagram stories. Here’s my most recent thrift trip with podcast guest Casey Hill.

How to Thrift Like a Pro: This post outlines all the basics you need to go in and kill it at the thrift store.

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