It doesn’t have to be only in January that you check up on yourself and your goals. Today Casey Hill, licensed mental health therapist, is back on the pod talking about goal fatigue, working towards happiness rather than a salary goal, and the very personal business of finding the right balance. Plus, Casey shares to evolutionary reason for negative thinking, it’s pretty interesting!

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➜Casey’s Past Episodes on the Pod:

  • How to Handle a Big Life Change: Coping skills to make changes easier, why being realistic with yourself is so important, and the idea of ‘holding space’ as a way to work through emotions in the moment.
  • Overcoming Vegan Sadness: I still get messages about this episode, even 8 months after it originally aired. Many people feel an overwhelming sadness when they learn the reality behind eating other beings. This episode helps you work through the sadness, talking about feeling your feelings.
  • Working Through Frustration & Negativity: We’ve all been there when the restaurant you’re at has no options, or your family member refuses to see where you’re coming from, and the frustrations creep in. We discussed using mindfulness and making small changes to make a big difference working through your frustrations in this episode.

➜Values Exercise: Here’s the print out version and here’s the online version. I love the print out version for sitting at the dinner table and having a great discussion, but both work well. Sort the cards into the categories of least important to most important. Then narrow down your most important values into a top 6, discuss what your deal breaker is and why you choose those as your top.

Find a Therapist: If you’re looking to find a therapist in your area this is a great resource. You can sort by male/female therapist, see who takes your insurance, and find someone who’s closest to you.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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