I’m so excited to bring you the most requested guest EVER, Stevie Van Horn, aka Stevieyaaaay, on the pod today! Stevie is a sustainability activist known for her vivacious energy towards living a zero waste lifestyle. Today we’re talking everything from forest bathing, to self love as a means to change and trash pickups, this episode runs the gamut. Stevie talks becoming more present and grateful rather than burdened and deprived as she dives into zero waste and veganism. Plus, we both sound off on buying secondhand animal products as vegans- is this a yay or nay?

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Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets: This book on how mushrooms can help save the world started it all for Stevie, the zero waste lifestyle, the veganism, and an entire lifestyle switch all came from this book.

Chaga Mushrooms: This mushroom has a host of medicinal benefits including fighting inflammation, rich in antioxidants, some studies even show it has cancer and tumor fighting properties.

#Yayforearth: This is an Instagram hashtag Stevie started. If you’re looking for inspiration of any kind around sustainability you can find it here. The community is amazing, it’s the only hashtag I follow religiously on Instagram.

Did you know you can listen on both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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