It’s hard to slow down in a world where sayings like, ‘money doesn’t sleep,’ ‘hustle 24/7,’ and ‘sleep when I’m dead’ are the norm. Today’s ‘Life’s Not That Serious’ episode focuses on fighting against the ‘hustle everyday’ society. We validate stress and call it working hard. But what’s the toll of this ‘hustle’? Life’s not that serious that we need to overload ourselves with an ever increasing to-do list and growing self expectations. Today we’ll get into why I think this ‘get busy’ society isn’t worth subscribing to and what we can do to combat it even if your life is about as malleable as a brick wall. Luckily, there are now multiple different ways that people can make more money for themselves without working too hard. One of these methods is by using our savings to invest in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies, so people should consider investing in it to try and make some money. By using a trading platform, like Bitcoin Revolution (read some Bitcoin Revolution experiences or Bitcoin Revolution Erfahrungen here), people could trade their Bitcoin online, trading it for more money. By doing this, people should be able to profit over time, potentially making them more money in the long term. Bitcoin isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth researching. Anyway, let’s get into the podcast.

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?DIY Laundry Detergent– I’ve been using this recipe, a tweak on my grandma’s recipe, for quite a few years now. It costs pennies per load and is virtually zero waste.

?Fightmaster Yoga– These videos are great for an at home yoga practice and I really appreciate the quote Lesley puts at the end of each video.

?Insight Timer– This meditation timer is home to ‘Sarah Blondin,’ whom I absolutely adore. Her guided mediations are more like positive, thought provoking pep talks. I HIGHLY suggest listening to one, the ‘Making Life Sacred‘ one is epically great.

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