I didn’t think composting warranted its own episode, but you guys proved me wrong, asking so many interesting and specific questions that this turned into a full ‘Composting 101’ episode. Today we’re covering why as individuals, environmentalists, or people trying to make less waste we should even care where our scraps of rotting food go. Not sure what to put in your composting bin? I got you covered. We’re busting the most popular composting myths- stinky piles, attracting critters, and being overly complicated. Plus, apartment composting- 4 ways to accomplish small space composting. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dig right in.

Mentioned on the Show:

Trash Crisis: Last week’s podcast about the Marie Kondo ‘Tidying Up’ craze talked a lot more about the trash crisis we’re currently in.

Praxxus 2009 Composting Video: I can’t believe this video is truly this old already! I watched this when I was first starting to compost and felt like it was the only video that didn’t make me feel like I needed to overly complicate my practice of turning rotting food into soil. He also has some newer composting videos, like this one, that is helpful.

Litterless Apartment Composting Guide: Everything you need to know, written out for you on 4 different ways to compost in your small space. Celia of Litterless is just the most knowledgeable so I find this guide, and her ‘where to compost‘ page so helpful. (Celia was on the pod talking about finding joy in change and zero waste.)

Shia of Wasteland Rebel on Vermicomposting: The most comprehensive post on worm composting I’ve seen. Anything you’d want to know about vermicomposting can be found in this post.

Bokashi Composting: There’s a lot of ‘buy now’ buttons on every article talking about bokashi composting because it’s a little different than traditional composting. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the specific bin, you could certainty reuse an airtight container you already own an get the same results. It seems the thing you would need to buy would be the bokashi bran powder which contains the microorganisms to break down scraps.

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