Today we’re doing a little podcast switcharoo! I’m over on the Hippie Haven podcast and Callee, of Hippie Haven is here on Live Planted. We’re covering everything from how we both choose podcasting as an avenue for activism to the confusing topic of palm oil- good, bad, sustainable? Plus, Callee shares how a swirling dump of plastic 3 times the size of Texas, aka the Pacific Garbage Patch, changed her life and business forever.

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Mentioned on the Show:

A Plastic Ocean: This documentary will change the way you look at plastic and all the plastic we use out of sheer convenience. You can watch it on Netflix. Kathryn Kellogg writes ‘Going Zero Waste’ as a place to break down starting or continuing zero waste into a step by step process. Callee found her blog as a kick-off point after he first heard about creating less waste.

➜Celia of Litterless has an awesome guide for finding package free / zero waste shops where ever you are in the United States. Honestly, this guide is SO helpful if you’re traveling or just unaware of what’s nearby. Celia was on the pod recently talking about finding the hidden joy in change if you haven’t heard it yet.

Zero Waste Home has an app where you can find zero waste stores as well.

Did you know you can listen on both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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