Veganuary is here! 2019 is said to be the ‘year of the vegan’ so LP is dedicating a whole episode to answering what is Veganuary, why 30 day trials are successful, and how to take part in Veganuary. We’re going to talk about the ‘3 pillars’ of veganism- the earth, the animals, and health, the big ‘P word’ PROTEIN, and why we crave cheese. If you’re new to veganism this should answer a lot of your questions and if vegan is old hat to you, this should be a great refresher to get fired up about the vegan lifestyle. Happy 2019!

Mentioned on the Show:

➜Veganuary: If you want to be formal about this month of veganism you can sign up on and take the official pledge. You can also browse their articles for more reasons to go vegan.

Speciesism The Movie: I cannot recommend this documentary by Mark Devries enough. This doc explains why we love some animals and eat others. It’s a bit older now (made in 2013) but still holds up over time. The movie had an enormous light bulb moment in my life and I was lucky enough to have Mark on the podcast to talk about the doc all the way back in episode 19.

PETA 60 Seconds to Change Your Life: It doesn’t take a whole 2-3 hours worth of a documentary to see why factory farming, the dairy industry, bacon and more are inhumane at best. 60 seconds is all you need.

Dr. Joel Kahn: Everything you want to know about the health aspect of veganism Dr. Kahn has neatly organized into his book, The Plant Based Solution. Each chapter is backed up with multiple medical studies, plus he’s added in stories to make what could be a very dry ‘medical’ book an easy and interesting read. Dr. Kahn was a guest on the podcast in 2018, asking, ‘is the medical system failing us?’

➜Plant Protein: This image shows the plethora of plants with protein. Going vegan won’t starve you of protein, you can achieve more than necessary just by eating a balanced plant rich diet.

Forks Over Knives: This documentary is credited with turning more people vegan than any other doc. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s definitely worth a watch.

➜Looking for vegan recipes? There’s a whole bunch over on my pinterestwhich I constantly keep updated with new recipes. Everything from soups to diy gronola bars can be found over on the Live Planted Pinterest.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on why and how to go vegan check out the ‘resources‘ section here on the website. There are documentaries worth watching, cookbooks worth checking out, and more where everything is separated out into neat categories that may lead to your ‘why’ of going vegan.

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