During the holidays there is a lot of comparison and perfectionism, this episode will shine some light on how to stress less about it. We’re also talking about a 3 word exercise as an alternative to New Year’s resolutions. Rather than a traditional resolution, which sometimes sounds like ‘be a new person entirely’, the 3 word resolution will help incorporate new practices and thoughts that you can grow with over time. All that plus a few questions you can ask yourself to eliminate trash. Hopefully this episode is a nice companion if you’re traveling or off this week. Enjoy!

Mentioned on the Show:

➜Casey Hill, vegan & licensed mental health therapist:

  • Overcoming Vegan Sadness: I still get messages about this episode, even 8 months after it originally aired. Many people feel an overwhelming sadness when they learn the reality behind eating other beings. This episode helps you work through the sadness, talking about feeling your feelings.
  • Working Through Frustration & Negativity: We ’ve all been there when the restaurant you’re at has no options, or your family member refuses to see where you’re coming from, and the frustrations creep in. We discussed using mindfulness and making small changes to make a big difference working through your frustrations in this episode.
  • How to Handle a Big Life Change: Developing coping skills to work through life changes, large or small, is so valuable. We discussed being realistic with yourself and the idea of ‘holding space’ as a way to work through emotions.

➜Ariana of Paris to Go doesn’t use shampoo or any hair products and her hair is BEAUTIFUL. Read about it here.

➜Polly of Green Indy Blog made a great point about buying less so you don’t have to worry about where it goes when you’ve finished with it.

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