It may not always be glamorous but secondhand and thrift shopping is a wonderful option for creating less waste. Today I’m talking about the WHY and the HOW of thrift shopping. We’ll talk about the marketing of buying (you’re being marketed to whether you like it or not), why secondhand shopping is important for the waste stream, and I’ll answer all your questions. Everything from bed bugs and sanitizing to buying secondhand animal products as a vegan. I’m even spilling the beans on where I shop and how to get in there and find what you like.

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Mentioned on the Show:

Recycled Plastic Fashion: Polly of Green Indy Blog and I discussed the ramifications of the newly popular recycled plastic clothing lines. I also discussed it on my Instagram story here.

Elizabeth Suzann: Sustainable clothing made with intention by workers who make a fair wage, thus the higher prices on these pieces. Like the Mara Jumpsuit above made from linen.

➜Sustainably Sourced Underwear: I like the Everlane underwear as they ship plastic free, are almost all cotton, and can be sourced to the factory they were made in. Hara the Label also offers great options people rave over.

Pinterest: All thrifting trips start with this Pinterest board for me. If you’re inspired and know what you’re looking for you’ll have much better luck finding what you want in the store.

➜Online Thrifting: Depop, Poshmark, Etsy, and Ebay are all good options if you’re looking to source something you can’t find in stores or you just want someone else to do the picking for you.

How to Thrift Like a Pro: This post outlines all the basics you need to go in and kill it at the thrift store.

An all thrifted outfit. 

Thrift With Me: Here are a few different thrift trips I’ve taken you on over on Instagram stories.

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