It’s a statement I’ve seen a lot over the years, ‘it’s hard’. It’s even one I’ve said myself, but making a lifestyle change is a lot more than just a challenge, it can be such a joy. Today I brought in Celia Ristow of Litterless to talk about the joy she finds from being an environmentalist, zero waster, and community activist. Celia shares the flexible approach to creating less waste, a rebellion against the glass jar as a symbol of the zero waste community, and why she dares to look a little different. Plus, we bust the myth that you can’t go zero waste because it’s expensive and why you don’t have to be a pack mule to be prepared when you leave the house.

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Today’s episode is sponsored by Junes, the unbreakable bag- inspired by unbreakable women. Founded by a woman. Employing Women. Combating violence against women. Whenever you buy a Junes tote, you’re not only doing your part to help slow down climate change, you’re supporting women too. Use ‘LIVEPLANTED15‘ for 15% off your order on

Mentioned on the Show:

Secondhand Containers, Brand New Lids: A great post that made me rethink passing up all those glass containers at the thrift.

Celia’s interview over on ‘Reading My Tea Leaves’

➜Zero waste doesn’t have to mean ‘pack mule’, Celia’s post on past travel ‘essentials’ compared to now.

Nothing New: This series gets me fired up, Celia explores how to use what you have to fit your needs. Everything from bulk shopping to swapping and library love is covered in this ongoing series.

On Environmentalism and Joy: a very inspiring and uplifting read if you’re feeling the stress of being an environmentalist (or just a human for that matter).

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