After so much (jaw dropping) confusion and concern about the new climate change report, I decided to break it down in a digestible way on today’s episode. Everything from what’s actually happening, to what can we do about it, and how to deal with the hopelessness in the face of such dire current events. “Future impacts and risks from climate change are directly tied to decisions made in the present”, reads the report. I’ll give you three things you can do in the present to protect your mental health and make a difference for our earth. Plus, a listener story of taking action that I was inspired by.

Mentioned on the Show:

➜Casey Hill: Casey, Mental Health Therapist & vegan, has been on the pod talking about ‘vegan sadness‘, ‘how to get through a big life change‘ and ‘working through frustrations and negativity‘.

Give a Sh*t: Highly recommend this nonjudgemental, entertaining book that covers all areas of your life and how you can make small, worthwhile changes to do better for the earth. Would be a fantastic Christmas gift.

Ashlee Piper: Ashlee is the author of ‘Give a Sh*t’ and her episode was a fan favorite, talking about how we’re personally powerful to make a difference.

Closed Loop Cooking: This episode inspired listener Evie to make a change, it’s talking all about food waste and old fashioned techniques like canning and fermenting.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?t5

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