“Wellness is working on the relationship between you and yourself.” Today Remy Park of Veggiekins is on sharing her ‘perfectly imperfect’ journey of living, recovering from an eating disorder, working on her sobriety, and sharing mental health ups and downs. It’s refreshing to see someone bust the myth of perfection on social media and at the same time celebrate what a fantastic life they are living. We’re talking about getting over the fear of putting your truth out there, learning how to manage what you live with on a daily basis, and some tricks to navigating peer pressure (it’s not just for kids!). The holidays can be tough for people managing their mental health so hopefully, this episode helps you navigate a little more smoothly. Enjoy!

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Mentioned on the Show:

The Sobriety Series: Everything from how to support an addict to what happens when you f*ck up Remy writes about it all as she’s in recovery.

Peer Pressure: Navigating peer pressure happens well beyond middle school, esp if you’re vegan or living ‘outside the norm’.

Travel Episode: We’ve talked about travel many times on the pod before, it’s a big deal when you’re vegan and/or trying to make less waste. Here’s one of the more recent episodes, but you can see the whole travel archive here.

Happy Cow: Use this app and website to navigate vegan eats all over the world.

Life’s Not That Serious: This episode series explores the sentiment of not taking yourself so seriously, slowing down, and realizing a little perspective helps sometimes.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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