It’s finally here!! The sustainable period episode I’ve been wanting to share forever found it’s perfect guest in Polly of Green Indy Blog. As Polly puts it, conversations about menstruation are more than just talking product options, it’s about awareness, education, and options. The more we discuss, the more we have language for what’s happening, the more we can feel normalized, and educated on what’s happening to 50% of the population. The aim of the conversation is to bring awareness to women facing stigmas across the world, as well as share more environmentally friendly product options. PLUS, getting away from the militant idea of what zero waste is and are we justifying the use of plastic with brands like Everland and Madewell doing ‘recycled plastic’ clothing lines? Is this a new form of greenwashing going almost undetected in the ‘low impact/ zero waste’ community? Wondering how menstrual cups work? Let’s let the conversation flow.

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The Blueprint Course

Today’s episode is sponsored by Lena Cup, the reusable menstrual cup that gives you a super-comfortable, low-maintenance, zero-waste period. For $5 off your Lena Cup, visit and use the code LIVEPLANTED at checkout.

Mentioned on the Show:

?Going zero waste with a partner who’s not into it– Great advice for anyone that lives with a partner, a roomate, parents, etc.

?Polly’s zero waste period blog post

?The essential zero waste Blueprint course: Polly’s 12 month course for all the eco curious to learn how to make sustinabale lifestyle choices.

?CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast on periods: I’ve never given another podcast as a recommendation before, but this episode pushed me to get the sustinabale period episode I had been wanting to put out, out there once and for all.

?Write a review & subscribe in iTunes (preferably a 5?!) The more reviews, the greater chance someone else will hear the podcast and get the sustinable living message. Share the podcast with a friend!

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