Struggling with time management, taking action, and procrastinating? Today I’m giving you a few strategies that have helped my procrastinating soul get sh*t done. We’ll talk morning routines that make a difference and small changes that you can start now. Plus, a recap on catering a vegan weekend for non-vegans, multivitamins- are they necessary for vegans, and what to do with all the plastic you already own if you’re trying to make less waste. We’ll even get into anti-perfectionism and a little LNTS talk (‘Life’s Not That Serious’). Ready or not, here’s a new episode.

Mentioned on the Show:

A recently pinned ‘Samosa Wrap’ from Vegan Richa

My food board on Pinterest: I keep myself inspired with new recipes from Pinterest. I take my board fairly serious and only pin recipes I will actually cook, that way I don’t have to wade through unattainable recipes when I want to cook something.

Life’s Not That Serious: LNTS episodes can all be found here. if you want to dive directly into anti-perfectionism you can start on episode #114 or #119 in the series.

➜Everything you need to know about vitamins and herbs as a vegan can be found in this blog post. Since writing that I’ve added turmeric to my daily routine for it’s anti-inflammatory  properties.

B12: Don’t skimp on the B12 if you’re a vegan. It’s imperative in your brain, nervous system and so many other bodily functions. I like this B12 from Source Naturals, it’s vegan, it melts in your mouth, and it tastes like berries.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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