Hawnuh Lee and Maia Welbel of

Closed-Loop Cooking
are making food waste interesting. I wanted to bring them on because I think what they are doing, putting in the extra effort to reuse scraps, ferment, and spread the word in their community is downright inspiring.  Today we’re discussing bringing back ‘old fashioned’ techniques like fermenting and canning, becoming confident in your improvisational skills so you can create less waste and move away from recipes, and a really awesome way Hawnuh brought food waste awareness to her community. Plus, a listener question about how to find enough to eat at a non-vegan holiday party.

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Mentioned on the Show:

‘Gram’s Letter‘: Hawnuh’s Gram sent her this letter talking about the zero waste practices that were common place when she grew up. I found it so interesting to see her Grams actual handwriting and her lunch box situation in the sweet blog post.

Scrap Apple Vinegar: An easy peazy recipe that will reuse scraps and make you look like a kitchen genius.

How cool are Hawnuh’s illustrations?

Almond Pulp Cookies: Ever make your own almond milk then feel bad throwing away all the pulp? I know it happens to me. Hawnuh came up with this delicious way to make the pulp work for her and get cookies out of it!

Scrap Supper: A really interesting idea for low immpact, low waste commuity building. It’s 100% worth reading the whole blog post to catch all the smart ways Hawnuh saved waste at this dinner for 12.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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