Now that we’re back from Italy, I wanted to share the experience of traveling around the ‘land of meat and cheese’ as a vegan. I’m sharing one thing that pleasantly surprised me from Italian culture, one thing that made me appreciate the American culture, and a few tips on how to navigate traveling as a vegan when you don’t speak the language. Plus, our first holiday content of the season! Cara Livermore, of Chickpea Magazine, shares her hunting, meat-eating dad’s way of accommodating vegans at his Thanksgiving table. I saved this clip from episode 120 so it’s fresh in your mind going into the holidays. Enjoy!

Chickpea Magazine
Chickpea Mag Issue 25 Family (The issue Cara discusses in the episode)
Listen to the last time Cara was on the pod talking about busting the ‘thin-vegan’ stereotype.

Mentioned on the Show:

➜Lake Como: Here’s a little snippet of the gorgeous Lake Como. We toured Villa Monastero on the island of Varenna off of Lake Como. It was the MOST beautiful garden I have ever been to, highly recommend if you ever get the chance to go.

Happy Cow: If you don’t know about this wonderful site, now you do. Find vegan and vegan options in any place you visit across the world. On the episode, I talked about this super small restaurant we found with the help of Happy Cow while in Como.

➜Past Holiday Episodes: Here’s a flashback to Episode 42 where my husband came on to talk about how we do the holidays as vegans, minimalists, and introverts. On Episode 83 Melanie of Fit Momma shared how she tackles Thanksgiving, kids birthday parties, and Christmas as a vegan. And here is last year’s Thanksgiving guide with 30 vegan recipes, including everything from apps to mains to desserts.

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