Sure, it’s fun to imagine a fully sustainable wardrobe, but this week we’re talking to someone who’s actually been doing it for years. Ariana of Paris To Go is on the pod sharing her knowledge of sustainable fashion. What is it and why do we need to pay attention to shopping sustainability for clothing? I think it’s so important that more awareness is brought to light on companies taking sustainability into consideration when designing new product lines, just like companies like and more people should consider changing small things within their usual buying habits to help the environment. However, how much do people actually know about sustainable fashion? If you don’t know a lot then you should make sure to take a look at this sustainable fashion guide as well as reading this post!

We’re talking about why a $10 tee doesn’t actually exist, the marketing and quality (or lack thereof) to keep you in the buying cycle, and why it’s so expensive. In fact, we’ll be discussing why various ‘cheap’ clothing solutions are really cheap at all. Plus, answering some of your questions on eco-fashion like can it be done on a budget? From buying underwear for men to leather boots, we’ll give you all the hints and tips you need to start shopping more sustainably! Not only will it help the environment, but your clothes will also last longer, helping out your wardrobe too. If you have any queries about how to find professional and formal wear when shopping sustainability, let us know and we’ll discuss that too. However, before we even get started, you might be interested in manufacturers like Parker Clay and more.

Ariana has been on the podcast before discussing how to keep vegan eating interesting and answering listener zero waste questions. She’s not only vegan and zero waste but she’s gluten free, is currently making her own furniture, and is one of the most knowledgeable and kind people I know. Check out her full ethical and sustainable wardrobe here. Today’s episode is fairly long but I wanted you to get all the info about shopping for clothing ethically and sustainably, especially when Ariana is stocked with eco-fashion facts that will blow you away.

Thanks to Dot & Army for sponsoring today’s episode. Visit Dot& and use code liveplanted20 for 20% off your entire purchase of thoughtfully made goods. (Like the Zero Waste Utensil Wrap and Unpaper Towels, both of which I use daily in my household to create less waste.)

On today’s episode, we mentioned a LOT of resources, everything from documentaries, to articles and online thrifting shops. Here is everything you heard on today’s extra long podcast in order that you heard it.

?Live Planted Sustainable Depop shop: I just opened my own shop on the online thrifting app called Depop. You guys love my thrift finds when I show them on Instagram, so I thought I’d do some thrifting for you. Both the blue tank in the main photo and the Jesse Kamm Sailor Pant/Everlane Utility Pant dupes above are for sale on Depop.

?The True Cost: This documentary is the jumping off point for those wanting to understand sustainable fashion. Highly recommend.

?THE Elizabeth Suzann article: We cite this article, from a fashion designer’s POV about why sustainable fashion is expensive and what it means to be a consumer, a few times in the pod. if you don’t have time to read the whole article, check out the part in bold that says ‘It’s pretty simple’ and read from there.

?The Tazreen Factory fire in Bangladesh which helped start a fashion revolution. After this eye-opening fire, people started to take note of ‘who made my clothes?’ Read the article to see the conditions garment factory workers work in every day for our fast fashion.

?Ashlee Piper on the Pod: Ashlee is brought up a few times on today’s pod. She’s the author of ‘Give a Sh*t’ and has so much dang knowledge packed into that book. Hear her on the pod, in an episode you guys raved about, here.

?We mentioned a few resources for sustainable shopping, here’s what was mentioned on today’s show. I’ll do a full blog post on sustainable shopping coming up. Reformation for sustainable women’s clothes and accessories, Pansy for organic cotton underwear, Harlow and Fox for larger bust sizes, and JungMaven for hemp wears and the only sustainable, nonsynthetic socks we could find.

?A good resource for how to responsibility get rid of clothing since a large percentage of clothing donated to Goodwill’s aren’t sold- they are put in landfills and shipped overseas. This article details a few options that are just as easy but much more ethical than dropping everything at a thrift store each time you want to minimalize.

?How to Thrift: We mention thrift shopping many times during this podcast, although it’s not the only option it’s a great resource to understand how to utilize. I wrote this whole guide on how to thrift like a less waste pro if you’re new to the thrift stores or you want to improve your skills.

Any sustainable shopping tips we didn’t mention that you have? I’d love to hear them.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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