It turns out many people are confused about the connection between self-love and being selfish, so this week I’m discussing the distinction between the two with a ‘Life’s Not that Serious’ spin. Plus composting in your apartment, is it possible? How to handle a situation where a friend is bragging about fast fashion, not being a perfect zero waster, and how our mindset affects everything- and what we can do about it. Ready or not here’s a new episode!

Want more ?Life?s Not That Serious? (LNTS) episodes? There?s 3 more episodes explaining the whole backstory, flushing out the concept and giving some good ol? self help HERE.

Mentioned on the Show:

?New Clear LP Stickers: The new clear stickers don’t cover up whatever is behind your sticker- your water bottle, notebook, etc. Plus the embossed lettering stands slightly off the sticker giving it a cool 3-D look, which means they can be put over your vsco stickers and still have their own charm and pop. Plus there’s free shipping in the ol’ USA.

?Depop: Thrifting is always a big topic on my Instagram so I decided to share some of my thrift finds with you guys. Buying second hand is much more sustainable because we’re using resources already created rather than demanding new products, while old, still good products go to the landfill. Visiting a recycled clothing store in your area could help you think more consciously about how and where you decide to purchase new clothes. Being more aware can help us all make better choices. New pieces go live every weekend over on Depop, some really great vintage Levis in various sizes going live this weekend.

?Episode #122: We discussed this LNTS episode multiple times in today’s pod. If you haven’t heard it yet, get caught up on this episode called, ‘You Don’t Owe Anyone’, here.

?Sustainable Fashion: Listen to the full episode on sustainable fashion with Ariana of Paris To Go to find out why those $10 jeans don’t actually exist- someone has to pay.

?Veggie Stock from Scraps: A super simple recipe making veggie stock from scraps. Reusing before composting is always a great idea because you get a second use out of your veggies and this recipe couldn’t be more of a no brainer. Store scraps in the freezer till you have enough for stock. Upcycled salsa and pickle jars make great scrap holders in the freezer.

?Aero Press: Here’s my favorite way to make less waste coffee, you only have to compost the grounds (and/or paper filter if you don’t buy the reusable filter), plus it takes zero electricity. Tutorial on how to brew with it over on Instagram. I’m currently working on a ‘kitchen essentials’ blog post for less waste, multitasking, and quality items I find essential in my kitchen.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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