It’s official, you guys requested more ‘Life’s Not That Serious’ episodes so I’m delivering. Today, we’re talking about distancing ourselves from our goals, when I first heard this it gave me a total lightbulb moment. The concept makes goals more attainable if you’re consciously or subconsciously putting distance between you and something you want. Plus, a great article on how you don’t owe anyone an interaction, a concept especially valid for vegans or people living a ‘different’ lifestyle where others have a lot of questions. And how our ability to be kind erodes when we aren’t kind to ourselves. If there’s something you want to hear discussed on a LNTS episode, let me know over on Instagram.

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?Don’t know how to thrift but want to get into it?Well, luckily for you, I wrote a guide on how to thrift like zero waste pro in this blog post.

?This article from the Huffington Post really inspired this episode. It’s a great reminder that we don’t owe anyone anything even if we’ve been raised to respond and react all the time as to not be ‘rude’.

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