You’ve heard it before, ‘veganism is a religion, and I’ve already got one’, or even the extreme, ‘veganism is a cult’. Today we’re exploring the connection, or lack thereof, between religion and veganism. Today’s guest Victoria Moran of Main Street Vegan shares her take on veganism & religion, how veganism isn’t a diet even though she’s lost 60lbs through this lifestyle, and how veganism has changed in the 35 years Victoria has been vegan.

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Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook

Mentioned on the Show:

➜Speciesism: I highly recommend you check out the documentary ‘Speciesism: The Movie‘. It’s one of the most ‘lightbulb moment’ causing documentaries I’ve ever seen exploring why we value certain animals and even ourselves over other beings.

➜’Give a Sh*T‘: Many of the facts and figures on today’s podcast came from Ashlee Piper’s book, ‘Give a Sh*t’. It’s a practical handbook on how to ‘do good, live better, and save the planet’ and I carry it around in my purse most days. Ashlee was also on the pod in one of the most shared episodes ever, listen here.

➜Main Street Vegan: We mentioned a few of Victoria’s 13 books on today’s podcast. Her newest book, ‘Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook‘ has book recipes and a whole section on debunking myths and health woes of going vegan. We also mentioned ‘The Good Karma Diet’ about eating gently and you can’t forget her most popular book, ‘Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World‘.

The China Study: Victoria cites The China Study during the interview, it is one of the most comprehensive studies on nutrition ever to be done. This book written by T. Colin Campbell and Jacob Gould Schurman is eye opening on reuducing cancer, heart disease and diabetes with a whole foods vegan diet backed by scienfitic studies.

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