The idea that veganism results in thin, healthy bodies is extremely prevalent. Today Chickpea Magazine creator, photographer, & illustrator Cara Livermore is here to bust that stereotype. Cara shares frank details about how perceived exterior good health is not the way to happiness. Plus, the argument for labeling yourself, why decision fatigue makes it hard to focus on what really matters, and how to stay vegan for good.
Cara was on the podcast many moons ago (literally episode 5 or 6 I think?). For the most part, she’s a one lady show- organizing, photographing, hand lettering, and writing among other things, the vegan quarterly magazine.  I have a whole segment of my bookcase devoted to this ‘magazine’ (it’s more like a gorgeous coffee table book that comes out four times a year), as I’ve been subscribed for many years.  Today’s episode is a bit longer than normal, as the conversation kept going Cara shared so many gems I wanted you guys to experience it all.  Hopefully, you enjoy this episode as much as I did while making it.

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Cara’s beautiful kitchen- she didn’t learn to cook until after going vegan. Now she’s a wiz, publishing recipes and making her own cashew cheese. She shares some insight into learning how to cook and being mindful in the kitchen so you can enjoy the process on today’s pod.

The spread above was from the ‘Decision Fatigue’ article in issue 26 that we discussed in depth on the podcast. Cara gave some ways she beats decision fatigue in her busy day, like chunking the day into tasks and why decision fatigue is even important to pay attention to.

Ps. Did you know you can listen in both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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