After mentioning my new life motto, ‘Life’s Not That Serious’, on episode 110, it turns out a lot of you guys resonated with the message too. I wanted to do an update and take questions about the topic of slowing down, realizing you don’t need to be perfect, and changing your perspective that ‘LNTS’ is. If you’re looking to become vegan, make less waste, heck even if you’re looking to become a kinder person LNTS can help. Today I do an update on where the motto has taken me, answer questions about being frustrated by friends and fam who don’t get your changing lifestyle, and discuss what to do when you’re stressed and want to get back to the mantra LNTS.

If you haven’t heard the previous talks on Life’s Not That Serious it first came up in ep.100, complete with a full background on its origin and what it really means. On ep.114 it came up again with an update on how it was/is changing my life after I fully committed to the motto. After getting so many messages from you guys about LNTS I wanted to answer your questions and update you once again.

Mentioned on the Show:

➜I’ll be at the Pittsburgh Vegfest Aug 4th. If you’re going too come and say hi- I’ll have a few stickers to hand out. Meeting people from the pod is one of my favorite things ever (I didn’t know any other vegans when I started the pod), it’s nice to talk with like minded people- so don’t be afraid to say hi.

Last year there was sweet rescue pigs, I was in heaven meeting one of them!

➜Cheese ‘detoxing’ was mentioned on the pod this week. What does it mean? How does it work? In ep.089 you can hear the process of detoxing from cheese so you can live without cravings from here on out. (Honestly, it’s fairly simple, there are just a few tricks to making it stick for good.)

The Plant Based Solution & Give a Sh*t are two books I recommend if you want to know more about the effect of dairy on both our health and the environment. Both Dr. Joel Kahn and Ashlee Piper, the respective book’s authors, were recent podcast guests.

Want to support the show and keep the microphone on around here? Support the show with some LP Merch. Everything is hand packaged by me in zero waste packaging with love.

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