As soon as I read a preview about Ashlee Piper‘s then unreleased book, ‘Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet.‘ I knew I had to have her as a guest. The day has come my friends, Ashlee is on the pod talking about practicing being eco-friendly in a practical way! She’s sharing veganism’s role in environmentalism, how we’re personally powerful to make a difference, and why minimalism in its truest form is taking a breath. I kept EVERYTHING in from this interview because Ashlee is so dang knowledgeable, so enjoy an extra long pod today.

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Win a copy of the book I’ve been toting around religiously over on Instagram.

I left this episode a little longer than normal because I felt there was so much so learn from Ashlee that I didn’t want to cut it out for time’s sake. Her perspective is so refreshing- you can make a difference being ‘just’ one person, you can be eco friendly even if your trash doesn’t fit into a mason jar, and you can have fun doing it. Here’s my favorite quote from the episode, if you listen carefully you can hear my pen clicking open so I can jot down the quote right after she said it. I made it a downloadable if you want to share it or marinade on it as well.

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