“Food is info, food is medicine, food is crucial to our health.” Today the author of that quote, plant based cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn is on the podcast. Dr. Kahn is sharing what plants have to do with a healthy heart, genetics role in health (is it an excuse or a life sentence?), and why more doctors and hospitals aren’t talking about the healing power of plants. The doctor gives his recommendation for what you should eat daily for a healthy balance and just generally entertains with his huge array of knowledge (I was wow’d when I listened to him site sources and intelligently unite topics as he was talking). Plus, a listener question on the best option for reusable utensils.

I just finished reading Dr. Kahn’s new book, ‘The Plant Based Solution‘ and it is fantastic. It’s quick and informative, citing sources and also giving real life accounts of how people’s health changed after switching to a plant based diet. Many people ask me how to convince your loved ones that this diet is a good idea, arm your self with the knowledge from this book. There are chapters on heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, anything you can think of Dr. Kahn spells out how plants and help. I ripped through this book super quick and feel more knowledgeable about my health than ever before.

If you want a little more knowledge from Dr. Kahn he’s always sharing and ‘defending plants’ over on Twitter and Instagram.

Mentioned on the Show:

Current Reads: I mentioned in today’s episode I’m setting aside time to read everyday. It’s been a real gift to make time to sit and absorb a book. I’ve been reading ‘Peace Is Every Step’ since the chapters are short 2-4 paragraphs in length. You can read for 5-10 minutes and pick up one whole message on being mindful or present for the day. I’ve also been reading, ‘Educated‘ a memoir on the top of The New York Times Best Sellers list. It’s about an uncommon childhood where the book’s author Tara Westover never set foot in a classroom, homeschool or otherwise, until taking the ACT’s and getting a scholarship to college because she was planning for the end of the world with her family. A great read to gain some perspective on how strong the human drive can be.

Reusable Utensils: I use both thrift store and Dot & Army utensils. Both work great, it just depends if you want to save cash and build the set yourself or have the whole set come ready to use.

Scholarly Sources:  @Tayybird7 asked for some scholarly sources that a plant based diet is healthy for you. I recommend: NutritionFacts.org for it’s science based reporting that is continuously being updated. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn one of the leading minds in preventing and reversing heart disease with a plant based diet. Dr. Kahn for his work in all areas of health and wellness with science backed facts. And ‘The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine’ whose mission is to advocate for a vegan diet with science backed data and encourages ‘higher standards of ethics and effectiveness in research’ for physicians.

Eating Animals: Dr. Kahn recommends the new documentary Eating Animals based on the best selling book by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Happy Cow: Both and app and website you can find vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you or plan where to eat on a trip or vacation easily.

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