Spurred on by a listener question, today we’re doing another episode in the ‘Necessary or Not’ series and tackling the Keto diet. Is animal fat and plant fat the same? Does it behave differently in your body? What’s the difference between the keto os pruvit diet and other variations? Are carbs necessary or can you get away with very few as the Keto diet suggests? If someone compares the vegan ‘diet’ and keto diet I want you to be informed on whats happening behind this trending diet right now. Plus, you asked: food waste vs veganism, would I dare eat something non-vegan bound for the landfill? Should we support brands with non-vegan parent companies? And owning leather goods once you’re already vegan, faux pas or less waste?

Mentioned on the Show:

?Casey Hill’s ‘Overcoming Vegan Sadness‘ episode of the podcast was a fan favorite when it came out, it still reminds one of the most popular episode as so many people feel vegan sadness.

?If you’re on the fence about eating dairy, check out this 60 second video. Being informed about what’s behind the animal products was the only thing that kept me vegan for the long term. Peta has a whole slew of 60-second topics if you want to be informed on things like leather, animal testing, and factory farms.

?I’ve been experimenting with making my own coconut yogurt for less waste. (You don’t have to buy the plastic jugs at the grocery store.) I used this recipe from Amanda of Mama Eats Plants. It’s a cashew coconut blend, mixed with live probiotics so it can ferment. (I used Garden of Life probiotics.) I am going to play around and see what flavor combinations I can come up with and how sour I can make it, so stay tuned. Below the yogurt is combined with oats and seeds plus cinnamon and turmeric, the turmeric really jives with the sour of the yogurt.

?Next Week Dr. Joel Kahn will be on the pod, but I couldn’t help myself and read from his new book, The Plant Based Solution, in today’s episode. I’ve been ripping through the book at breakneck speeds. Dr. Kahn makes reading about plant based diets easily digestible and gives lots of real life accounts along side scientific research.

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