Today Amy Ling Lin, founder of vegan, non-toxic nail studio Sundays, talks about green beauty as a larger choice towards having a greener life. Amy shares how small choices, like vegan & cruelty free nail polishes, add up to larger changes for ourselves and our earth. We talk about practicing mindfulness anytime, anywhere, and how hidden animal products can be in beauty products. Plus, I answer listener questions on the impact of soy on your body and how to avoid plastic at the bulk bins when the store bans outside bags and jars.

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➜Power Words: A super simple concept that gives you back a lot of power and positivity. What we tell ourselves and say aloud is our reality. If we’re constantly in the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘I cant’s’ then that’s your reality. I saved this to my phone to remind myself of the words I want to use to project more positivity, because life is all about the way we look at it. *This is especially valuable for vegans who say and hear, ‘I can’t eat that’, switch that language to give you the power of choice by saying, ‘I choose not to eat that’.

Cotton Bulk Bags: If you’re looking for an alternative to plastic bulk bags, these cotton drawstring bags are a good swap. They are easier to tote around and less conspicuous than glass jars. Plus, I like to throw one or two in my tote or purse to have just incase you want to grab a snack or something while out and about. Here’s a recent shopping cart with snacks in my reusable bulk bags. This day peanuts, banana chips, and fig coconut squares were what I picked up in the bulk section for road trip snacks.

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2 thoughts on “#115 Green Beauty with Amy Ling Lin Founder of Sundays & Estrogen in Soy”

  1. I’d really like to hear more about the estrogen in soy vs meat/dairy debate! I feel as a vegan I am constantly defending soy and my meat eating counterparts are oblivious to the truths about what’s really in the meat/dairy they’re consuming.

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