Commonly, travel is thought of as a vegan hardship. What will you eat? Will you be able to find something suitable? Today I’m talking about the importance of being prepared and how it affects eating vegan while traveling. You don’t have to turn into a type-A person to be prepared- trust me, I’m not type-A by any means. I’ll share a few simple things that help me stay one step ahead so I’m never reaching that hangry danger zone while out and about. Plus, an update on how my new life motto, ‘life’s not that serious’, has been changing my life.

Here’s what I packed for a recenet van camping trip. Whenever I’m able, espically for a road trip, I pack a lot of snacks to be as prepared as possible. You never want to be in that place where there’s nothing around and you have to go hungry. Variety helps you not get bored eating the same things for the whole trip.

Here I packed for both my husband and myself for a long weekend: two reusable napkins, two silverware sets, two coffee cups and stainless steel straws. I’ve been liking this bamboo cup, it’s light for travel and won’t break like glass or weigh you down like stainless. Vitamins and herbs, I keep up with it on a trip becasue it makes me feel my best. The easiest breakfast on the go, premixed oats and seeds. A giant jug of water to stay hydrated and create less waste. Bulk bin snacks- fig and coconut squares, banana chips, and peanuts. Oranges, chopped up celery and cucumbers.

Mentioned on the Show:

Amanda of Mama Eats Plants interviewed me for her ‘Zero Waste Inspiration‘ series. It’s such an honor to be featured in her series about creating less waste as I’m new to the game.

➜Amanda has also been on the podcast twice before. Once sharing her zero waste tips and another episode about healing herself with plants. She’s really a wealth of knowledge.

➜This epsidoe updated you on the progess I’ve made with the motto, ‘life’s not that serious’. You can go back and hear a further explanation on how it started and how I’m working to release myself from guilt and comparison in our social media world. It’s seriously been changing my life.

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