After having Ariana of Paris To Go on episode #104 I knew I wanted to share her with you guys again. Today she’s co-hosting the episode as we do a special zero waste, veganism, and minimalism Q&A. I asked you guys for questions over on Instagram telling you we’re both vegan, gluten free, and zero waste- ask anything. Boy did you come through!  We gave you two perspectives on how to become more minimal when it feels overwhelming, what we would change from the way we approached zero waste at the beginning, and zero waste in a dorm. Plus, GUILT- you guys mentioned it so much when asking Q’s that we had to touch on how to get over zero waste & vegan guilt.

Find Ariana:

Mentioned on the Show:

The True Cost– A documentary that shows you the true cost of the fashion industry, the consumer pressure for fast fashion, and what it’s doing to our earth.

Mama Eats Plants yogurt recipe: Made from coconut milk and cashews this yogurt ferments like the real deal and it’s zero waste.

Amanda of Mama  Eats Plants tops her yogurt with fruit and seeds for breakfast.

➜Bea Johnson, of Zero Waste Home, answers some useful questions on how to go zero waste in college.

Thank you guys for asking so many questions and being part of the episode. If your question wasn’t read it may be answered on an upcoming podcast. You can always message me with your questions on Instagram, I love chatting with you guys!

If you’d like to hear past  episodes with a co-host, Melanie of FitMomma was on talking about vegan grey areas, and Monique of Brown Vegan was on talking about everything from what she eats in a day to thrifting. If there’s someone you’d like to hear co-host for an episode let me know.

Ps. Did you know you can listen on both iTunes & SoundCloud?

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