Have you ever heard someone say they were bummed about going vegan? Today’s guest, Sam Turnbull of the vegan food blog, ‘It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken‘, admits she wasn’t into going vegan when she first started, coming from a family of chefs, butchers, and hunters. Today on the pod we’re chatting about how Sam went from bummed to excited, the mock foods argument, and behind the scenes of recipe veganizing for her brand new book, ‘Fuss Free Vegan‘. Plus, listener questions on bulk shopping, creating less waste when DIYing, and how to handle going vegan when your family disapproves.

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Mentioned on the Show:

Simple Ecology Bulk Bags: Reusable cotton bulk bags make shopping much easier than lugging around jars for dry ingredients. Transfer your goods to jars when you get home and throw the bags in the wash if you need to. Here’s one of my recent grocery hauls on insta, peanuts, banana chips, oats, and couscous are all easy to buy in cotton bulk bags. 

➜NutritionFacts.org: If you’re looking for the real deal facts with science to back it up, check out this site. I also recommend Dr. Esselstyn and Forks Over Knives as fact-based resources.

‘It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’ Chocolate Cake: When doing research for the episode I noticed that when you search ‘It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’ google autocompletes to ‘chocolate cake’. I guess the people have spoken about their favorite recipe on Sam’s site.

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