Many vegans say that a documentary was the ultimate jumping off point into this lifestyle. Today’s guest, Shawn Stratton took that notion and created the first ever International Vegan Film Festival in Ottawa. Shawn shares why this isn’t just an Ottawa event and how you can get involved. Plus, I’m wrapping up my time at the Cleveland VegFest, hanging with past pod guests, and creating less waste at a food festival. And listener shoutouts are back this week! We get into how to make a small food budget work, clarify a common question on oregano oil, and a new use for camomile a listener suggested that I thought was worth passing along.

Find the Ottawa International Vegan Film Festival:
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My ‘A-Ha Moment’ Documentary:

Speciesism is a powerful movie that comes at veganism from a different place than showing you the guts and gory. It hits you with cold hard facts on why we as humans aren’t any better, or even different, than other species. We all want to live and thrive, and we all deserve to.

I highly suggest watching this documentary, it would be a great doc to watch with someone who says they don’t understand where you’re coming from on ‘this vegan thing’. This movie is smart, leads you to the point without hitting you over the head, and makes you think long after the credits roll.

Mentioned on the Show:

Ariana of Paris To Go and I had a wonderful time at the Cleveland VegFest. She’ll be co-hosting on an upcoming episode where we’ll answer questions from you guys.  If you have any burning questions now, you can message me over on Instagram.

➜My friend Brittany Jaroudi was also at the VegFest this year. She’s been on the pod twice and has lost over 50lbs since going vegan! She recently started a youtube with whole food plant based recipes, check it out for some inspiration.

➜One of the most popular episodes of the pod ever was ‘Overcoming Vegan Sadness‘ with Casey Hill. This is so common for many people after they learn the truth about whats happening to animals. Casey, a licensed professional counselor, shares tools to help you through the sadness. A simple conversation like this can help you realize you’re not alone in feeling the sadness.

Oregano oil: good in capsules or better in liquid form? A common inquiry since sharing the prowess of oregano oil on the pod. Check out this blog post for more information on vegan vitamins and supplements.

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