Today’s episode took a totally new spin after speaking with Andrea Sanders of Be Zero. I was so inspired by the conscious efforts Andrea is making to be present in today’s ‘scrolling’ society that I switched up the first half of the episode. Andrea shares her theory on how to perform quiet activism, what removing herself from most social media is doing for this online business woman, and revaluing clothing in the fast fashion world. Plus, my new life’s motto to release yourself from preconceived barriers in our social media comparison society.

Find Andrea Sanders:

One of Andrea’s farmer’s market hauls she shares on instagram.

Mentioned on the Show:

➜The new LP Totes are back in stock with a slightly larger logo on each tote and a price decrease since I was able to source them at a more reasonable price this time.

➜The Book ‘Peace is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life’, couldn’t be a better companion to this episode if it tried. We talk about being present and mindful is so many ways, in your clothing comsumption, in your phone usage, and even in the way you spread activism in this episode. This book is written in short 3-4 paragraph long ‘chapters’ with short meditations and things to reevaluate each moment in our modern world by Vietnanese Monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.  I keep it by my bedside and highly recommend you dig into this short paperback.

➜Andrea recommends the app ‘Moment‘ for tracking your phone time. The app automatically tracks how much you use your phone each day and will alert you when you’re close to going over your predetermined limit. An app like this can help train your brain to recognize when you’re mindlessly scrolling and when you’re relying on your phone too much and not being present.

Check out Andrea’s Tedx Talk

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