Recently I mentioned on Instagram that there was nothing really ‘off topic’ when asking questions for the pod and the questions came flooding in. The thing with this podcast is, nothing is really ‘off-topic’ because veganism is a lifestyle which affects all areas of your life, your hobbies, your shopping habits, your ethics, so it’s all ‘on topic’. I thought I’d take an episode to answer a few of the questions in depth on the pod. Today we discuss how to deal with dating once you go vegan, reading labels for vegan needs, and suggestions for defending your decision to go or be vegan- they aren’t what you may expect. Plus, how to make the perfect waste free iced coffee at home, a stainless steel straw warning from a listener, and some plant-based veggie garden ideas.

I mentioned on the show, but wanted to mention here, This week, May 8-13th 2018, all Live Planted Pins come with an LP sticker when you order.

  1. Good Old Compost: Repurpose your food scraps into fertilizer for your garden. Compost is called ‘black gold’ by gardeners because it’s so nutrient dense for your veggies. Plus, it saves food waste from going to the landfill where it can’t break down properly thus turning into methane emissions.
  2. Compost Tea: Compost tea is literally what it sounds like, steeped compost turning your water into a nutrient dense tea for watering and fertilizing your vegetable garden. See above for how to make the tea. I water with compost tea all summer long and my plants go crazy.
  3. Coffee Grounds: Coffee grounds add nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium into your soil. You can put them directly on to the soil to use as fertilizer or mix them in with your compost. They also help improve drainage and water retention in your soil.
  4. Epsom Salts: Epsom salts add magnesium and sulfur to your plants resulting in improved seed germination, nutrient absorption, greener plants, and it can help deter pests. Sprinkle epsom salts on your soil before watering or mix into your watering can and water with the mix. I do this about once a month.

All of the above are plant-based, chemical-free ways to fertilize and add extra nutrients to your garden. With so many chemical-laden off the shelf options promising blooming gardens, it’s nice to know there are other ways to get your garden to flourish. All of the 4 options above have been used for years and years with success. They are virtually free and most repurpose what you already have, a win-win for you and your garden.

If you’re looking for more gardening tips and tricks, I highly recommend the book, The Backyard Vegetable Factory. Any questions, concerns, layouts or companion planting directions you’d want are in this book. My dad has been using it for as long as I can remember, and I purchased a used version as soon as I had my own garden.

Mentioned on the Show:

Forks over Knives: This documentary is credited with changing many people’s lives. Share this with a friend or family member who doesn’t understand your veganism.

➜Here are the stainless steel straws that my husband brought home as a little surprise recently. After trying them out I found they keep your drink cold all the way up to your mouth, which was a great surprise as I wasn’t sure I was into the stainless straws. A listener shared a good stainless straw tip, which I passed on in today’s pod. (I also recommend the brush, or else they are hard to keep clean.)

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