One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of cooking a great meal. Today’s guest, Max La Manna, better known as ‘Eating With Max‘, not only cooks a great meal but makes it look enjoyable at the same time. Today Max, a vegan zero waste chef, shares with us a unique way to make cooking more enjoyable, why food waste is something we need to start paying attention to, and why it’s so important to educate yourself. Oprah might just get name dropped and cooking in colorways is a thing, this episode has it all. Plus, a listener question on what to do when your food accidentally comes with an animal product if you’re trying to be less wasteful.

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Max shares his unique theory on how to making cooking more fun in the episode. He’s using that theory even when he created this Butternut Squash Spread recipe over on Trash is For Tossers.
Somehow Max manages to make his compost look aesthetically pleasing on Instagram. On the pod, we talk about the importance of composting and why it’s so different than just throwing food scraps in with the landfill trash.

Mentioned on the Show:

Monique of Brown Vegan’s Q&A Epsiode on Live Planted: We covered a bunch of listener questions, everything from what we eat for breakfast to how to meet other vegans. It was fun to pair up for a Q&A episode, as answering questions from you guys is one of my favorite things on the pod, and its intereting to get a second opinion. (The episode thumbnail photo shows so many things have changed around here since episode #84!)

Monique’s Original Episode on the Pod: Whoa! Talk about a throw back! I can’t believe I’ve known Monique this long…all the way back to ep #31 in 2016. Monique talks about creating resources to help families go vegan after she couldn’t find them when her family was making the switch. She also shared tips for staying on a budget, one of my personal fav topics.

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