Welcome to the Earth Day Special! Taking a cue from NPR today, we’re doing a compilation of some of the past zero waste conversations shared on the show. You’re going to get a big dose of practical advice, how to get into zero waste, and what it’s all about from Alli Cherry, Shia of Wasteland Rebel, Amanda of Mama Eats Plants, and Ariana of Paris To Go. We’re getting into the magic of buying secondhand, why plastic is so bad, & the pleasures this less waste lifestyle can bring. Plus, a little about veganism as the ultimate act of environmentalism.

Grocery haul, zero waste style.

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Want to continue listening to all the Zero Waste episodes included on the pod today? Each clip in today’s special episode is part of a full, larger conversation. Below you’ll find each episode a clip was pulled from and more about each guest. You can find a full list of every episode that talks about zero waste or answers listener questions on creating less waste here.

1. First up, Alli Cherry was on epsiode #58, last year’s Earth Day special. Alli was my initial point of contact with a ‘practical’ zero waster. She made it seem approachable, that it was doable to create less waste and still live a ‘normal’ life. In today’s episode Alli shares how to start tackling creating less waste with an easy waste audit and where she made her first efforts to cut back on disposables.
You can find more of Alli on her Youtube channel or her Instagram.

2. Eveytime second-hand shopping is mentioned on my Instagram, you guys have so many questions, so I thought I’d share my conversation with Shia of Wasteland Rebel about the beauties and benefits of second-hand shopping. Shia is a pioneer in the zero waste movement, her new book, Zero Waste: Simple Life Hacks to Drastically Reduce Your Trash, just came out. She also really advocates for a vegan lifestyle as a way of creating less waste, which gets two thumbs up from me.
You can find Shia on her blog, Wasteland Rebel, and on her Instagram.

3. If you don’t know the ‘why’ behind creating less waste than it’s an act without a purpose. On today’s epsidoe Amanda of Mama Eats Plants explains why plastic is such a problem today and shares some easy swaps in the kitchen to use less plastic. Amanda is constantly sharing insightful information and new ideas for how to make this lifestyle workable. She inspires me daily with delicious looking vegan meal ideas, low waste grocery hauls, and day to day life that doesn’t harm our earth. She also did a second episode of the pod talking about healing chronic pain with plants if you would like to continue the conversation with Amanda,
You can find Amanda on her blog or her Instagram, both titles ‘Mama Eats Plants’.

4. Last but certainly not least, we heard from Ariana Schwarz of Paris To Go about eating with your eyes. Sometimes when you go into a new lifestyle it can seem to be all sacrifice and no pleasure. I wanted to bring you a really positive part of creating less waste. The inspiration and energy you get in the kitchen from seeing all your ingredients free from branding is invigorating. Ariana shares so much more about eating and maintaining a vegan and zero waste pantry on her full episode. She’s always sharing something inspiring, like making her own bed, frame AND mattress, or sharing her beautiful paired down wardrobe online, making you see how a small footprint on the earth is doable.
Find Ariana on her blog or Instagram, both named ‘Paris To Go’ after the city she inhabited for years.

Mentioned on the Show:

?This infographic sums up veganism and the enviroment. There’s so much more to learn and know about animal agricultre’s effect on the earth but this graphic makes an easy visual of some of the devistating effect.

?A Plastic Ocean: During Amanda’s conversation she mentioned ‘A Plastic Ocean’ as a must watch documentary. This flim shows how researchers found more platic than plankton in the center of the Pacific Ocean, and how plastics break into small ‘micro-plastics’ that enter our food chain. It’s 100% worth a watch if you’re wondering why go through all the ‘extra effort’ to use less plastic in your daily life. It’s also 100% worth a watch even if you think you hardly use any plastic at all, being armed with knowlegde is so important.

I’ll end with a repost of this powerful quote from epsidoe #97. Thinking about the ‘away’ is the first step to making a big difference.

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