Whether you’ve been vegan for a long time or are just getting started, the learning never stops. So today on the show I wanted to answer some of the burning questions you’ve sent in for me to answer. We’re discussing everything from traveling with non-vegan family, to what should and shouldn’t you eat when you’re sick and a new vegan, and even what to do when someone serves you a non-vegan meal.  So sit back and relax because we’re breezin’ through these questions together.

This week on the pod I announced that LP Enamel Pins are 20% from April 10-17 with code ‘PINSALE’. (Which makes them $8!)

Mentioned on the Show:

Amy’s Kitchen Soups: This brand is vegetarian and vegan, each of their labels are clearly marked if the item is either vegan or vegetarian so there’s no guessing involved. Their soups are especially nice when you want something quick and comforting when you’re sick. The ‘No-Chicken Chicken Noodle’ soup is especially comforting when you want something you’re used to but want to keep it vegan.

Oregano Oil: Ever since mentioning my use of oregano oil on the pod, questions come up quite frequently on how to take it and what it’s used for. There’s a whole blog post detailing everything you need to know on vitamins and supplements right here on the blog. You can also listen to a more detailed explanation on episode #097 of the pod.

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