You can go vegan for many reasons, your health, the environment, the animals, it’s a unique decision for everyone. Today Amanda of Mama Eats Plants shares her story about how going vegan healed her body from chronic pain and inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis. People struggling to cope with their pain often look to buy cannabis topicals online as a way of relieving their pain and making their day-to-day life somewhat more bearable – it is quite common, in states where it is legal, for this method to be used. We already know the benefits that many herbal remedies (Click here for some examples) have when it comes to treating pain, as marijuana-related products are often used for their pain relieving properties and their other purported mood-lifting effects (see for more details); but Amanda has taken it a step further by choosing a completely plant based diet to cure hers. We’re getting into the details on how Amanda avoided steroids and injections by instead making use of products that can be used via products, how simplifying her life aided in healing her body, and the interesting way she made the compassionate connection after having her first baby. Today’s show has everything from self-love to a detailed ‘what I eat in a day’, to minimalism and healing. Plus, I’m answering a listener question on how to shut down negative conversations about veganism with 3 helpful things to keep in mind.

Find Amanda Forcella:

Amanda was on the pod previously talking about making zero waste sustainable. You can hear that here, or take a look at all the zero waste episodes here.

The Food:

Amanda healed her body with whole plant foods, easing slowly into the lifestyle with small changes. Years later she eats a whole food plant based diet filled with many bright colors, seasonal ingredients, and fiber rich foods. Here are a few of her meal plans so you can see what’s on her weekly menus. All of her meal plans utalize similar ingredients in different ways thoughout the meals, eliminating food waste since the extras are already planned for.

This March Mealplan is filled with meals inspired by a farmers market run and pantry staples. Tofu ban mi, veggie burgers, and the above minestrone soup.

This meal plan was filled with tofu pad thai, kimchi fried rice, and a loaded carrot soup that looks to die for.

Easy meals for a busy week utalizing a quiet moment to prechop veggies for the week, is what this meal plan is all about. Split pea soup from LP is even inclued in this meal plan!

You can view all the meal plans on Mama Eats Plants, of you’re looking for more meal inspiration.

Mentioned on the Show:

?Necessary or Not: Cleanses or Detoxes– this was the first in the ‘Necessary or Not’ series. I’ve also done in depth episodes on collagen before the series started. If you’d like to hear something with science, facts, and real data broken down please let me know.

?Medical Medium– Amanda used this book to learn about the connection between plant foods and inflammation. This book offers solutions to healing all sorts of chronic illnesses.

?Breast Feeding- Recently Amanda wrote a fantastic instagram post about connecting breast feeding to dairy milk. She mentioned during the show how this connection helped her kick dairy to the curb for good, aiding in healing her body.

?What I Eat In a Day Posts– These posts regulalry pop up for all family memembers of Amandas family on her blog. You can see what her husband eats, what her 9-year-old daughter eats, what her 5-year-old son eats, and of course lots of what she eats in a day.

?Loni Jane’s Burcha– Filled with a whole bevy of seeds this is a great alternative to oats for breakfast.

?Homemade Coconut Yogurt– After experimenting on her instagram stoires with different variations of homemade coconut yogurt, Amanda perfected the recipe.

?Kombu Seaweed– For adding to your cooking pot of beans to ease in digestion. *Note: I couldn’t find any options without plastic, check in store to see if you can find any other options if you’re working to make less waste.

?The Sauces episode with Ariana of Paris to Go: We talked sauces and spices and bulk pantys in last week’s episode. Sauces also came up in this week’s episode and Amanda even wrote a blog post about it.

?Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’– A manifesto on decluttering and organizing in one fo the most talked about minimalist book out there.

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