One of the most popular questions about veganism is, ‘What do you eat?’ and ‘How do you keep it interesting?’ Today I brought in Ariana Schwarz of ‘Paris To Go’ to help answer that popular inquiry. We’re sharing the ease a stocked pantry can bring to your cooking, formulaic eating that keeps things interesting, and making it practical so that you can continue on with this lifestyle. Ariana shares the 4 sauces she swears by to make any meal feel special, and the simple things she prepares on Sunday to make the week smooth. Plus, listener Q’s on beauty products with non-CF parent companies, how to buy bulk foods without being charged for the jars, and a vegan cheese MANY listeners suggested.

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The Bulk Pantry Post :


A peek inside Ariana’s pantry.

Everything you want to know is in this compact post, she spares no details. Every ingredient Ariana keeps from flours to oils to herbs is covered along with what each ingredient is used for. Plus, Ariana tells you what zero waste items she takes on shopping trips and how to buy pantry items in bulk. A super helpful resource if you’re looking to start a pantry or are interested in bulk buying.

Mentioned on the Show:

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. If you’re looking to learn more about veganism and it’s effect on the environment or animal agriculture and it’s environmental effect, Cowspiracy is a great resource.

Amanda of Mama Eats Plants discussed making zero waste sustainable and we discussed some easy swaps to make less waste when she was on the pod.

CF Beauty Episode of the pod: Presenting a new perspective into buying CF beauty products on episode #69 of the pod.

Three reasons why veganism is a feminist issue on episode#102, we discussed how cow babies and mamas reacted after birth when they cried out for each other, which Jay related to in a shoutout this week.

Heidi Ho Cheese: So many of you reached out after I mentioned this vegan cheese on Instagram claiming it was beyond amazing. This could be a great option if you’re looking to try vegan cheese or bring something to a potluck or party.

Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home: This book is known as the zero waster’s bible. Bea is one of the founders of the zero waste movement and this book shares all of her knowledge.

Going Zero Waste: Ariana mentioned this website as a great resource. Kathryn, the blog’s author shares her journey to create less waste after a health scare led her down a path to becoming healthy.

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