The term mindfulness comes with a certain woo woo notion but it’s actually much more practical and helpful for our everyday lives than you realized. Today Casey Hill, licensed professional counselor and therapist, is back on the pod talking about moving through vegan frustrations and negativity with mindful techniques. We’ve all been there when the restaurant you’re at has no options, or your family member refuses to see where you’re coming from, and the frustrations creep in. We’re discussing getting out of autopilot, enjoying being in the present, and how small changes can lead to a big difference in your daily life. Plus, answering listener questions about composting, the big P- protein deficiency, iron-rich foods, and perfectionism.

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3 Supplement Brands I Trust:

Garden of Life makes quality vitamins and supplements. Not all of their products are vegan, but the vegan ones are labeled ‘vegan’ for your convenience. They have any vitamin, supplement, or protein powder you could be looking for.

Gaia Herbs are ecologically harvested and don’t contain any filler products. They have both herbal offerings and supplements and come in vegetable capsules. Vegan size 0 capsules that you can buy online might be what you’re in need of. (Vegetable capsules are important to look for if you’re buying a ‘capsule’ supplement, regular capsules are made of gelatin, ie animal bones, joints, and ligaments.)

VegLife if you’re looking for a good quality wallet friendly supplement VegLife is where it’s at. They have basic vitamins, iron, vitamin d, a vegan multi, etc. and explictly say ‘100% vegan’ on the label.

Mentioned on the Show:

?Casey’s previous episode #95 Overcoming Vegan Sadness

?’Your Brain on Gadgets‘ from NPR: A great read about how our brains are more adept to distraction from our constant multitasking and use of phones. Here’s an updated article on why you can’t put your phone down, also a great read.

?Liquid Aminos: If you’ve heard me talk about this multitasking magic before but haven’t tried it, get on it! It’s a universal flavor that can be used for salad dressing, as a marinade, in sauces, over rice and beans, bascially it’s literally good on everything. It’s sort of a soy sauce sister with a lot less sodium.

?Cronometer, track nutrition not calories. Know just how balanced your diet is, if you’re acutally eating enough or too much protein, if your iron levels are good, and just how your eating stacks up if you’re worried about deficencies.

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